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The idea that blood-eating bed bugs may infest a property is enough to keep people up at night. The only way to know for certain whether or not bed bugs are present is with a complete inspection which is best performed by a trained, experienced professional.

Our technicians are experienced at knowing where bed bugs like to hide.  We know where to look to find them. We have been finding bed bugs for 14 years. 
Bed Bug Inspection Service


Our professional bed bug inspection begins by inspecting the mattress, where particular attention is placed on seams and piping material. Additionally, mattress handles and inside air holes as well as under buttons are inspected.

The mattress is then lifted  to enable inspection between it and  the box spring, where all surfaces and seams are carefully examined. These objects are also turned over to provide inspection of their undersides.

Removal of the outer layer of cloth to enable visual inspection inside of the box spring is done when necessary.


Bed bugs are known to hide in the bed frame and headboard. Therefore all joints in the frame and headboard are inspected. The bed frame and headboard are also broken down to permit an examination of their component parts to search for the existence of bed bugs.


If a larger bed bug infestation is suspected, it also may prove necessary to inspect other furniture, particularly bureaus and nightstands which are typically in close proximity to beds.

All contents of shelves of and drawers are emptied into plastic bags for examination. Close inspection of screw holes and the undersides of all components is conducted. Furniture is also disassembled if possible to enable visual inspection from all angles.


Bed bugs similarly may conceal themselves around the perimeter of the room. As baseboard, molding, electrical plates and rugs all are likely hiding spots, baseboard, molding, and electrical plates may require removal for further inspection. Edges of rugs and carpets are lifted and inspected.

Photos and prints may also require removal from their frames for closer examination.


Bed bugs are not always where people expect to find them.  Such locations include storage rooms and other areas that are not frequently visited.

Other objects that will typically be inspected when a bed bug infestation is suspected, include children's stuffed animals, computers, cell phones, smoke detectors, air ducts, and inside pages of books.

Additional items that may require examination would include electronics like clocks, radios, lamps and remote controls.

In the event an inspection reveals the presence of bed bugs in your Philadelphia home or business, our technician can discuss our bed bug treatment process.
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